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MAPS Discussion Adaptive Management Alternative

Lake Okeechobee TMDL 

Egret Marsh 319(h) Analysis

S-154 Algal Turf Scrubber-Water Hyacinth Scrubber Grant Report

Taylor Creek Toxicity Report FDEP

Water Hyacinth Lake Caohai Wang and Yan

UF Water Institute Final Report March 2015

Hyacinth and Cyanobacteria Qin

Hyacinth and Phytoplankton Repression Mironga

A. Stewart Letter Deep reservoirs USACOE

USACOE response letter to A. Stewart Deep Reservoir Letter

CERP Class #1 12/4/18 Powerpoint

CERP Class #2 12/12/18 Powerpoint

STA-1W ATS Pilot 

Powell Creek (Caloosahatchee) ATS Pilot

Economic Analysis MAPS vs STA UF/IFAS

Compost Market Analysis IFAS

FWC Letter 1/29/19

Mechanical Harvesting Letter FDEP 4/9/19

Osprey Marsh/South Relief Canal Design Analysis

Santa Fe ATS Pilot

Everglades STSOC Analysis

Blue-Green Algae Task Force Consensus Report 10/11/19 

USDA Joe Albano Poster

Allen Stewart Resume

Hydrilla Harvesting Concept West Lake Toho

Hyacinth Proposal

Goforth SFWMD Interview

Hydrilla Harvesting Poposed Demonstration SOW

Thoughts Discussions Aquatic Plants as new Agri-Industry

Lake Newnans Florida Defenders of the Environment proposal

Carbon Sequestration Aquatic Plants


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